Hello, and welcome to Paving the Road Back!

I am a psychiatrist living in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and since 2009 I have had the honor and the privilege of working with combat veterans who have been seeking to make better lives for themselves. Through this site, I strive to reach out to all those men and women who have been  affected by their War experiences to encourage them continuously to

  • Empower Self-Calm
  • Engage Survival
  • Energize Life

Since 2011, I have periodically been sharing my experiences of working with combat veterans as they have allowed me to share in the struggles and the victories in their lives. These experiences are available for you to share as well in the Blog section above.

In November 2015, I launched a free web video series entitled Beam Me Home, Scotty! A Star Trek Miniseries: A Story of Recovery from Combat and Combat Stress.  In the series I explore what might happen if I and two friends of mine, GI Jane and GI Joe, were to discover that the brain is structured much like the USS Enterprise. To join us on our adventure as the two of them seek to “boldly go” from experiences of relived trauma to those of meaningful memory, please click here.

Finally I strive to keep an updated list of organizations and individuals who are working throughout the English-speaking world to improve the lives of combat veterans, whether that be through therapeutic services or through life-changing encounters and service opportunities. Please check out the Resources  page above for what might be available near you or near a combat veteran whom you love and support.

At the end of the Beam Me Home, Scotty! series, I express my thanks to all of you who have striven to protect those you love and the societies to which you have committed yourselves. Specifically, I thank you for your decision to live for something—and even more, some-ones—beyond yourselves, even if that might mean that life for you might take very dangerous, irrevocable turns.

If the ideas, the materials, and the encouragement that I hope to offer on these pages prove helpful to you as you pave your own road back home, then I will have been honored indeed.